Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding death of five children after drowning in brick kiln pits, Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh, 05/01/2024

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Hussain Ahamad Vs State of Uttar Pradesh & Others dated 05/01/2024.

In the application, the allegation was in respect of illegal mining of earth from the nearby agricultural field by brick kilns in an area in Muzaffarnagar district. Pits were dug by upto 15-20 feet and later they were abandoned. During the rainy season, water got filled in those ditches and five children drowned and died.

Joint committee in its report, January 3, 2024 mentioned that in the case of Shri Ram Brick Field - the brick kiln had dug various pits upto the depth of 2 meters. Those pits were filled with the rain water and the depth of the pits was not known, thus, an accident could take place. The committee also found that to prevent any such accident, no fencing of the pit was done and no notice board was put up and that the brick kiln was grossly negligent in this regard. Similar is the finding of the committee in respect of another brick kiln, M/s. Maa Bhagwati Brick Field.

However, the report of the committee does not indicate that any compensation has been paid to the family members of the deceased children, the court pointed out.

Counsel appearing for the state of Uttar Pradesh has sought four weeks time to obtain instructions and file a report in this regard. The court also sought information in respect of the criminal prosecution of the brick kilns and the material collected in that process.