Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding encroachment of land reserved for plantation, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, 12/09/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zone Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Hakimuddin Hussain Vs State of Madhya Pradesh & Others dated 12/09/2023.

Issue raised in the application is encroachment on the public land or the land reserved by the government for plantation and substantial green cover in the city of Ujjain. The grievance of the applicant is encroachment on the land reserved for plantation.

The joint committee in its report to the NGT said that at tehsil Ghattiya approximately 4.80 hectare of the land is subject to encroachment. Out of this 1 hectare land is encroached and is being used for residential purposes and gaushala without any authority of the state. On another .5 hectare of the land a school has been constructed and on rest of the land agriculture work is being done by way of encroachment. In tehsil Nagda, an encroachment of 2.120 hectare of the land has taken place and out of this a part of the land has been encroached by a school.

The tribunal noted that the report was filed in the month of May 2023 but no action has been taken by the authorities for removal of encroachments.

The court has directed the District Magistrate/Collector, Ujjain to ensure the removal of encroachment of the public land reserved for the plantation and the land handed over to the forest department for plantation. As a government school has been constructed on a part of the encroached land, the court directed the District Collector to allot other land of the state which will be two times of areas taken by school for plantation to be done by the forest department. A compliance report has to be submitted by the DFO and the Collector, the order added.