Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding identification and restoration of water bodies in Haryana, 20/07/2018

Lt. Col. Sarvadaman Singh Oberoi Vs. Union of India & Others dated 20/07/2018.

This application was filed on 14th August, 2015 mainly to restore Ghata Lake in Gurgaon District. Further, directions were sought to restore 214 other water bodies and natural channels in Gurgaon District and similar water bodies in Faridabad District.

National Green Tribunal directs immediate steps to be taken for assigning unique identification number to at least 123 water bodies which are in possession of the State Government of Haryana and steps be taken for their proper maintenance and restoration within 3 months. Court further direct the State of Haryana to undertake such an exercise to identify water bodies in the rest of the State, assign them unique identification and take restoration steps.