Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding violation of environmental norms by a waste processing plant, Pune, Maharashtra, 23/03/2021

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Anand Uttarkar Vs The Municipal Corporation of the City of Pune & Others dated 23/03/2021.

The order dealt with three matters - as all the three matter overlapped and raised issues of violation of environmental norms by Rochem Separations Systems Pvt. Ltd. (RSPM) at Pune under a contract from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

The Issue for consideration in all the three matters were:

1. The plant in question is causing environmental hazard

2. It is operating without requisite EC and consents

3. Its location is not compliant with the statutory rules

4. This requires remedial action for protection of environment, public health and rule of law

There was no scientific investigation about the ground status of compliance of norms in setting up and functioning of the plant - including norms with regard to location of the site, compliance of other statutory requirements, remedial action required and other incidental issues and the matter has been pending for the last five years.

To address these issues, the court directed the constitution of an independent six member committee headed by Justice S.M. Gavhane, former Judge Bombay High Court.The Committee would visit the site and give its report to the Tribunal.