Reply of Chief Secretary to the government of Punjab on pollution of Buddha nallah and river Sutlej, April 17, 2023

Reply of Chief Secretary to the government of Punjab in the matter of Nitin Dhiman Vs State of Punjab dated April 17, 2023.

The matter is related to pollution of Budha Nallah and river Sutlej.

The Punjab Pollution Control Board has informed that about 300 dyeing units are operating in the area of Ludhiana district, out of which about 252 units fall in the catchment area of Budha nallah. For the treatment of wastewater of the dyeing industries, 3 common effluent treatment plants (CETP) of total capacity of 105 MLD have been installed at Ludhiana by the special purpose vehicles (SPVs). All these CETPs are disposing of their treated wastewater into Buddha nallah. The remaining 54 dyeing units which could not join the CETPs are having their own captive effluent treatment plants for the treatment of wastewater. After the installation and commissioning of CETPs for the wastewater treatment of dyeing industries, the domestic and industrial effluent of these industries stands segregated from the domestic sewerage of Ludhiana city.

The NGT was also informed that the government of Punjab had already prepared and submitted 'Action Plan for Clean River Sutlej' to the Central Pollution Control Board as per the directions and orders of the court. In addition, the Administrative Secretary, Department of Soil and Water Conservation has been asked to explore the possibility and submit the comprehensive plan for utilizing the treated wastewater of STPs, falling in the catchment area of Buddha nallah for irrigation with timeline.

The government of Punjab is making all out efforts for the prevention and control of pollution in Buddha nallah and river Sutlej with an objective to improve the water quality of the river and all the departments of the state government are making efforts to complete the pending works within the time lines to make Buddha nallah a pollution free zone, said the report, April 17, 2023.