Report on encroachment of local sewage nala at Kolua Kalan, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 31/10/2019

Factual and action taken report by a Joint Committee of Bhopal Municipal Corporation and Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) in Original Application No. 695/2019 in the matter of Hradesh Kirar Vs State of Madhya Pradesh regarding encroachment of local sewage nala at Kolua Kalan, Bhopal by a resident.

A nala (public drain) is passing from two sides of complainant’s (Hradesh Kirar) house which has no boundary wall towards nala. A boundary wall was constructed by M/s Raj Home Pvt. Ltd. Around periphery of their land. The said nala was passing from outside of this boundary wall. Before the monsoon season of 2019, the complainant filled the nala stretch at back side of his house up to boundary wall of M/s Raj Home Pvt. Ltd. and laid down a 2 feet diameter hum pipe line for conveying sewage of nala. But this pipeline was inadequate, and the area got submerged during monsoon season. As an immediate measure, an alternative earthern drain was dug out parallel to existing nala on other side of the boundary wall by district administration and Bhopal Municipal Corporation. Now sewage of this nala is flowing through this new earthern path. The complainant has encroached the land of old nala path by filling it intermittently and says that he is the occupier of this encroached nala land.

The report states that it is a clear case of nala encroachment by the complainant and he further wants that channelization of newly dug out nala (parallel to old nala path) should be done ny M/s Raj Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Note: The report of October 31, 2019 was uploaded to the NGT site on May 14, 2020.