Report by State Pollution Control Board Sikkim on e-flow meters for hydropower projects, 23/03/2020

The State Pollution Control Board Sikkim submitted the action taken report on installation of e-flow meter by hydropower projects established in the state of Sikkim.

The report stated that e-flow meter has been installed for 7 hydropower projects. In three hydro electric projects, the e-flow meter was not installed due to "power project under establishment." The report was in compliance to the NGT order of December 03, 2019 in Original Application No. 425/2019 in the matter of Vijay Kumar Vs State of Himachal Pradesh.

An application was filed by Vijay Kumar regarding hydro-stations in Himachal Pradesh not measuring the flow of water released to the downstream during the lean season which has resulted in higher pollution level and harm to aquatic life due to water scarcity. 15-20% of average lean season flow is required to be maintained. The NGT in its order of December 03, 2019 said that  maintaining minimum flow was necessary for riverine ecology and such requirements cannot be dispensed with.

The Tribunal also directed that a similar course of action must be adopted with regard to hydroelectric projects in other States, including Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal (North Region), Assam and Jammu & Kashmir.

Note: The report of March 23, 2020 was uploaded to the NGT site on September 04, 2020