Submission by MoEF&CC on the issue of residual antibiotics in industrial effluents, 04/04/2022

Submission/clarification on behalf of MoEF&CC on the issue of residual antibiotics in industrial effluents in the matter of Veterans Forum for Transparency in Public Life Vs Himachal Pradesh Pollution Control Board & Others dated 04/04/2022.

The issue related to the discharge of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and toxic industrial pollution in river Balad in Baddi industrial area in district Solan and rivers Sirsa and Satluj.

The 18th Expert Committee formulated by the MoEF&CC deliberated upon the environmental standard for the bulk drug and formulation industry in its meeting, August 9, 2019. The draft notification was placed on the website of the MoEF&CC for public consultation, January 23, 2020.

Some of the recommendations made by the committee is the following:

1. Ammonia and nitrate should be removed from additional parameters and made as compulsory parameters applicable to all units and CETP at discharge point

2. Industry permitted to discharge/dispose of their effluent to CETP should be governed by the provision of notified CETP norms, January 01, 2016

3. Additional parameters of chlorides and sulphate should be removed and concern of impact on land disposal must be addressed by introducing Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR). CPCB should provide appropriate norms of SAR.