Call in the police and get the fire belt relocated

Chairman and Managing Director of the Bharat Coking Coal Ltd (BCCL), T K Lahiry said tragedy can strike any time in Jharia, so tough actions are needed to shift people

Why are people not shifting after so many sops and facilities?
The issue of relocation has become highly politicized. We convince one village one day and another day some organization or political representative instigates the villagers. We have promised villagers their land will be safe and they can reclaim it once the underground fire is doused. But when the life is at risk bold decisions are necessary. BCCL alone cannot move this mountain. All agencies should come together and take some strong action.
What kind of help is needed and from which agency?
If the district administration and the government call in the police force and get the entire fire belt relocated to our new quarters it will be of great help.Surely, there will be struggle and clashes, but at least it will save lives.
Was it not a public-interest petition that forced BCCL to include the rehabilitation and relocation plan in the master plan?