Landless monarchs

It is an anomaly: the privy purse was abolished 24 years ago, yet, here, in the Dangs, they still exist. The British ruled in the Dangs under the foreign territories regulations. In 1947 it acceeded to India by default. So when the privy was abolished for the former states, the Dangs were not specifically mentioned in the annexures to the Act. The officials even today refer to it as "privy purse, though, when querried, they correct themselves and call it "political pension". More than Rs 9 lakhs is distributed as privy purses to the kings and their relatives every year.

Name of the king Kingdom (Dang) Monthly pension
(in Rs)
Shri Yashvantrav Umarsing Pawar Gadhvi 3084
Shagatrav Anandrav Pawar Daher 2099
Bhanvarsing Hasusing Suryawanshi Linga 2328
Sahebrav Bhavanrav Pawar Pimpri 2535
Chandsing Somansing Pawar Vasurna 1889
9 Nayaks
Yearly pension (in Rs)
21, 964
Bhaubandhs of kings
534 Persons
Yearly (in Rs)