Needed: Answers

The questionnaire sent by CSE's Right To Clean Air Campaign to senior executives of transnational carmakers selling diesel cars in India:

• We presume that you know that suspended particulate matter levels are very high in a city like Delhi; that respirable particulate matter is extremely carcinogenic; and that diesel engines can produce extremely high levels of particulate matter compared to petrol engines. Yet you are planning to sell diesel cars in India. May we know the reason for your investment decision?

• There is enormous scientific evidence on all these issues in your parent countries such as USA and Japan. Why have you not taken this information into account while making your investment decisions?

• Aren't you taking advantage of the government pricing policy in India that makes diesel much cheaper than petrol even at the risk of creating serious public health problem?

• While it may be true that Indian government may have ignored the ban on diesel private cars and you may be legally correct in making this investment, is it morally correct to make an investment that is going to affect public health? Will your company not hesitate in creating serious problem for public health and environment?

• By flooding the market with diesel-powered cars despite knowing that this technology is harmful, especially in Indian conditions, are you fulfilling your social responsibility? Your short-sighted business interests will kill Indians. What do you have to say about this?