Rehabilitation package

House owners: Under the rehabilitation package in the master plan the head of each family will be entitled to a compensation equivalent to the assessed cost of his or her homestead land and other infrastructure on it. Cost assessment will be done by the state government or its implementing agency. Each family will also be provided a 100 sq m plot at the resettlement site. If this offer is not acceptable to the family, it will be provided a constructed flat of 40 sq m of super built-up area. It will have two rooms, a kitchen and an attached toilet in a three-storey building. With the second option there will be no cash compensation. In case a family does not want to construct a house on the provided plot, it will be compensated with cash.

Encroachers: Each family will be given a constructed flat of around 27 sq m of super built-up area.

Other compensation: House owners will be paid a maximum of Rs 10,000 each as shifting allowance after they have shifted and handed over their homestead land and buildings to the company. The family head will also get daily wage for 500 days over two years as per the minimum wage rate of the state government (Rs 90).

Civic amenities: The proposed resettlement site will have roads, street lighting, drainage, sewerage and water supply. The township will also have primary schools, a community centre, small dispensaries and a shopping centre.