In this present study, the soil erosion assessment and conservation measures in hill ecosystem is carried out in the Kalrayan hills, Part of Eastern ghats, Tamil Nadu using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques. The geocoded digital data of IRS P6 LISS – III (P101-R65 of 2001) and Survey of India toposheets (1971) were interpreted and various thematic maps such as drainage, lineaments, geomorphology, land use/land cover and slope maps have been prepared. After assigning the weightage factors for each of the parameters they were overlayed and integrated it one another and various soil erosion prone areas were demarcated. GIS integration was carried out using Arc GIS to assess the soil erosion by overlaying the following maps such as lineament
density, drainage density, geomorphology, slopes and land use / land cover. The results of interpretation and analysis show that the following areas such as Karnelli, Uppur, Pattivalavu, Arampundi, Vellar, Tekkampattu and Karumanturai are highly prone for soil erosion.