Meghalaya's state action plan proposal on climate change projects was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change, an official said here today.

When Josephine Kiiza first moved from Kampala to Masaka, in southern Uganda, to flee civil war raging in the 1980s, she had no money, land or food in her name.

When Gabriel Kulwaum was talking about climate change issues to a group of fishermen in Papua New Guinea, he was met with an unexpected response.

Resilience comprises anticipative, mitigative, adaptive, reactive, and transformative capacities. This paper pioneer an approach of measuring resilience using the Resilient Capacity Index (RCI) by considering all the dimensions. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was used to give relevant weights to the different indicators.

The impact of projected climate change on groundnut (cv. Robut 33-1 and GG-2) yield have been studied for Anand station of middle Gujarat Agro-climatic region using PRECIS output of AR 2 Rscenario and base line data. Yield simulation study was performed by PNUTGRO (DSSAT v4.5) model. The field experiment data on groundnut cv. Robut 33-1 and GG-2 during the years 2008 to 2011 have been used to calibrate and validate the model. The weather condition as projected by AR 2R scenario (2070-2100) showed that there will be 13.7% higher rainfall as compared to base line (1961-90).