Climate Services (CS) do not look back at a long history such as weather services, which have their beginnings in the 18th century originally focusing on meteorological observations for military reasons.

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Major atmospheric-driven catastrophes, such as hurricanes and floods, may appear to be independent events when looked at historically. Yet it is well established in climate science that regional weather and climate conditions in one part of the world can have impacts on other parts.

In this paper, Friends of the Earth International outlines the current climate science and the need for equity, fairness and justice in how we take action. It highlight how people are impacted by climate change, by dirty energy and by so- called false solutions which pretend to address the climate crisis.

The waters of the Southern Ocean have absorbed much of the excess heat and carbon generated by humanity.

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Africa’s climate is one of the least-researched and poorly understood, but a new report provides reliable scientific information about the continent’s changing climate, equipping decision-makers to plan better.