10 new insights in climate science 2022

This report presents ten salient insights from climate change research, stemming mainly from literature published in 2021 and 2022. Taken together they reveal the complexities of the interactions between climate change and other risks, such as conflicts, pandemics, food crises and underlying development challenges. The publication seeks to identify the mounting impacts of climate change and multiple barriers to climate action, and to highlight implications and recommendations in support of a way forward for negotiators, policymakers and other relevant actors. The ten insights explore: (1) the myth of endless adaptation; (2) vulnerability hotspots in ‘regions at risk’; (3) new threats from climate health; (4) climate mobility – from evidence to anticipatory action; (5) human security and climate security; (6) sustainable land use and climate targets; (7) private sustainable finance practices' failure to catalyse deep transitions; (8) the urgency of loss and damage; (9) inclusive decision-making for climate-resilient development; and (10) breaking down structural barriers and unsustainable lock-ins.