This paper examines the main risks faced by the migrant children in Trinidad and Tobago and the exacerbating impact of COVID-19 outbreak due to: i) disruption to education, ii) rising unemployment, iii) risks to mental health and safety, and iv) to child nutrition and health.

This paper aims to inform energy planners and investors about how climate change can affect power generation resources, particularly hydropower resources; and an approach that can be taken to address climate change risks, both at the project and sector level, to improve power system resilience and enhance energy security.

Due to high levels of poverty, all of Mali’s territory and population could be said to be highly vulnerable to future climate change.

The purpose of this assessment is to identify the constraints to and opportunities for women‘s participation in REDD+ initiatives, particularly as country REDD+ readiness plans are being developed, as well as to reveal the potential impacts of gender relations on REDD+ initiatives and vice versa.

Malnutrition in India has been called