Bhotiya's show the way

Bhotiyas are a pastoral-migratory community, inhabiting the high alti - tudes of Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim. Bhotiyas spend the winter in the foothills and migrate to the high hills during the summer. Pasto- ralism is their primary occupation, supplemented by agriculture and trade in medicinal plants. The Bhotiyas of Uttar Pradesh made a significant contribution when they crossbred yak and cow, to develop a new cattle breed. Not to be left behind are the Bhotiyas of Tsokha village in Sikkim. They fled Tibet in 1940,and were allotted land by the ruler of Sikkim with the right to use forests resources. In return the Bhotiyas had to look after his yak herds. Over a period of time, they perfected animal Care by crossbreeding yak with a cow to produce dzo (sterile offspring of yak and cow) and dee (female offspring of yak and cow). While dzo and yaks are used as pack animals, dee is used for milk.