Damning disaster!

a disaster in the making? This question is being raised about a proposal of Quebec's largest utility company, which plans to build 36 new dams on 24 rivers across the province. If implemented, the proposal would let small private energy producers to build and operate the dams. The electricity would be sold to Hydro Quebec, the utility, which would then market the power locally or across the us border in New England. Environmental, tourism and recreational groups say the plan would prove to be disastrous. They are accusing the government of ignoring ecological concerns in an attempt to strengthen its position in economically deprived regions for wining the forthcoming election. A coalition of 25 environmental and tourism groups have submitted a paper to the government asserting that at least six of the proposed dam sites are on rivers in which Atlantic salmon spawn. Many others host hundreds of canoeists, kayakers, rafters and hikers. "The government is preparing to sacrifice public asset at an enormous environmental cost, essentially for the benefit of the private sector. The plans have no energy or economic justification,' the paper states.