Dinosaur nesting site

IN A major discovery, paleontologists have found a vast dinosaur nesting site in Argentina. Thousands of fossil eggs were found at the site. Inside the egg fragments, the scientists found the first embryo remains from a major class of large dinosaurs, and first definite fossils of embryo skin from any of these Juffasic giants. According to Luis Chiappe of the American Museumof Natural History in New York, USA, the discoveries should shed light on the early development of sauropods. They am a class of plant-eaters with long opits and tails, small head and four elephant-ike legs.

Sm"pods are considered to be the higg 1 11 animals to have walked on sop& The eggs were laid 70-90 million yms ago, apparently by titanosaurs 00 seetcl about 45 feet, he said.