Himalayan risks

GEOENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS IN HIMALAYA . Bindhy Wasini Pandey . Published by Mittal Publications . New Delhi . 2002 . 430 pages

This book is a research-based analysis of the geomorphic and hydrological hazards in the upper Beas basin of the Himalaya together with their mapping and mitigation strategies. It describes the geographical and cultural background of the ecologically fragile region and makes an assessment of the environmental risks in terms of spatial distribution and criticality. The book also presents an overview of hazard mitigation techniques and experiences.

Some of these natural risks in this region, including avalanches, floods and fires, exceed the tolerable magnitude. Human factors such as decline in land-person ratio, non-availability of additional arable land, an increasing intensity of land use and careless application of technology are to be blamed for this. The book presents techniques of hazard management which includes community education and empowerment. An entire chapter is devoted to sustainable mountain development.