Justice done

the Madhya Pradesh police has filed a case against the traders who distributed chemically-treated bajra seeds (pearl millet) to farmers in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. At least 80 peacocks had recently died in Maharajpura and Sitapur villages of Morena, after eating these contaminated seeds.

According to officials, viscera reports indicate that the peacocks died due to consumption of bajra seeds treated with ando-sulphan pesticide.

Abrar Ahmed, senior programme officer of Trade Record Analysis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce, India, cites another reason behind the decline in the peacock population "During my travels through Gujarat and Rajasthan, I found that certain indigenous communities are using the flesh of peacock as a aphrodisiac. The peacocks are killed by poisoning them. In the last two years most of the peacock killings in Gujarat and Rajasthan have been because of such ulterior motives.'