ECO-FRIENDLY INCINERATOR: To combat the growing pollution in Chennai, an eco-friendly incinerator for combustion of non-compostable garbage has been commissioned at the Akash Colony in Anna Nagar West as part of its Zero Garbage Plant project. Anaerobic composting is already being carried out in the colony with kitchen waste. The metal incinerator has a furnace suitably insulated inside and connected to an eight-foot long chimney for releasing the fumes into the atmosphere. It also has a provision for LPG connection. The entire equipment, costing around Rs 20,000, has been donated to the colony by Indaid Engineers.

NEW PRODUCTS: The Honda Motor Company is all set to launch an entire range of new power products in India. Earlier, Honda Siel used to market its product under the brand name of Shriram Honda Power Equipment Limited. The new product range to be launched in the country is in the field of portable generators, general purpose engines, water pump sets, motors for fishing boats and agri appliances like tillers and reapers. Apart from these, the Honda will also launch portable water pumpsets in the range of 1.5 to 3 horsepower.

WATER CONDITIONING DEAL: The environmental service group and the French utility company, Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, acquired the US-based water conditioning company, Calgon. The move comes after an announcement that a consortium led by Suez had been awarded the US $957 million partial privatisation of the water utility serving the population of Santiago, the Chilean capital. "This gives us direct entry in the US market, in keeping with our expansion goals in the country,' said Gerard Mestrallet, the Suez chief executive.

MID-SIZE CAR: Hyundai Motor Co will launch its new mid-size car, code-named LC in Seoul, South Korea. The car will be called