Pioneering project

Drinking water in Delhi may soon be safer and more potable. For the first time in India, the Delhi Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Undertaking (DWSSDU) expects to introduce, in May, the ozonisation process at the Okhla water treatment plant. This project is being undertaken with French technology as part of an Indo-French co-operation programme in water treatment and environment conservation.

According to DWSSDU director (projects) V M Aggarwal, ozone treatment for contaminated water improves its odour, taste, colour and reduces bacteria in potable water. He points out that, "Ozone is an extremely efficient amoeba-destroying agent." Another positive effect of ozonisation is that the level of chlorine in water would be reduced. Other beneficial effects would include better control of iron and ammonia content in water. And because water samples from the Okhla water treatment plant showed high levels of iron and ammon