Plastic ban

six months after it was first drafted, the Bill to ban the use of plastics was finally cleared by the Delhi government on December 2. The Bill, which will come into effect from December 24, has been assured of a safe passage.

Under the Bill, coloured plastic bags have been completely banned; only white bags will be allowed. The minimum thickness of new bags should be at least 25 microns and those recycled must be at least 30 microns. But even bags that are more than 20 microns cannot be used for foodstuff. For example, the plastic bags used by vegetable vendors are 4-5 microns thick while the Mother Diary milk pouch is 40 microns. The state government has empowered officials to penalise offenders on the spot. The fines range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh and up to five years imprisonment.