Polluted lake

the Yediyur lake in Bangalore is very polluted, says a study conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (iisc), Bangalore. The ministry of environment and forests funded the one-year study which was done by iisc's Centre for Ecological Sciences (ces).

The ces study shows that Yediyur is now a cesspool clogged with domestic and industrial sewage. The lake waters have become greenish black and are loaded with high chloride levels.

Domestic and industrial effluents have also contaminated the water and its total dissolved solids ranges from 208-428 milligramme per litre. Its value of biological oxygen demand (bod), chemical oxygen demand (cod), chlorides and other impurities are much higher than the limits set by the World Health Organisation and the Central Pollution Control Board. "The air around the Yediyur is foul. It has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There is an immediate need to check its pollution,' said Ramachandra T V, a scientist with ces . The scientists, who conducted the study, have urged the state government to take steps for the restoration of the lake.