All for ageing oil well Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has inked an agreement with the Russian Tatarska Geophysica Technologies (TGT) for increasing production of matured fields. TGT is a service provider in well and reservoir management. The MoU is to put the ageing fields back into production and arrest decline from matured fields.

Deal for solar rooftop The UK-based retail chain Tesco has announced its plans to build a US $13 million solar installation on five-buildings on a 76,218-sq metre distribution centre in California's Riverside. The solar-roof is estimated to have a peak power output of 2 MW and will provide nearly a fifth of the depot's power supply. The installation will save about 1,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Rocky mountain fever Two children attending the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2007 in Delhi were diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, the first time it has been reported in India. Samples had to be sent to the US for tests. This is a bacterial disease transmitted by ticks. The two were taken to hospital, suffering from large rashes on the palm and sole, high fever, severe headache and abdominal and joint pain. They were suspected of suffering with dengue fever or Japanese encephalitis.