An agricultural revolution is in the offing in the Sabel, the driest zone of the West African semi-arid tropics. The change in agricultural systems is being spearheaded by the Sah Centre set up to ched downward trend to po, by the International C Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, one of the Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research CGIAR) centres Em India. "It is certainly of the harshest environ ts in the world and I add, is one of the Irl"It as well," says Karl rmsen executive director Saeliam Centre.

Under the new system, Lers will grow millet and Was separately, planting Scowpeas earlier than at pent and fertilising them locally available rock sosphate. The change will a boon to farmers Ne under this system fodowpeas can produce 5 10 times the present yield. 10hermore, millet grown rotation with the fertilised cowpea can double its yield.

The need for a rehaul of OSahelian agricultural sys has become imperative 01"creasing population has it pressure on the land.The svstem, believes Tim tiams, principal legume Pruist at the Sahclian nue "has potential for sufnt change to be attractive farmers without added k to food security."