The wonder plant

a plant has been developed using grafting techniques that produces different kinds of brinjal, tomato and capsicum. Abdul Masfoor, an assistant horticulture officer in Hunsur taluk, Mysore, had been examining several pest-resistant plants. While studying various species of Solanaceae such as Solanum Torvum, Solanum Ferox, Solanum anguivi and Solanum viarum , he found that Solanum Torvum was sturdy and free from nematodal action. The plant has got a life span of five years. It is edible in nature and free from soil born viral diseases.

The grafting techniques of Masfoor are simple. Solanum Torvum shoots are chopped and shoots of desired Solanaceae (brinjal, tomato, and chilli) are grafted on to the individual stem. Some locally prepared organic compounds (Masfoor does not want to reveal the names) are applied on the grafted portions that are wrapped with polythene paper. He says that though grafting involves