Laws are modified to suit MNCs

How were your 10 months at fda?
It was a great learning experience! The subjects were new, but I took the initiative every regulator should take, to understand them. I met people in the field before questioning the companies.

Of fda's many important decisions last year, the crucial one was about gutkha, which contains magnesium carbonate and is manufactured in contravention of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 (pfa). The Central Committee for Food Standards has recommended a ban on gutkha to the Union ministry of health and family welfare (mohfw).

What triggered the baby oil campaign?
fda got complaints from many consumers about baby skin rash with use of specific baby oils. Bureau of Indian Standards (bis) regulates only baby soap and powder, so we tested various baby oil brands in our lab. Tests revealed liquid paraffin content. In the us, multinationals (mncs) mention ingredients on labels, but in India nobody bothers to disclose that baby oils contain paraffin! We have given companies 90 days to get central clearance, or drop