Toxic turnover

when I received the invitation to release your report on the pollution of the Yamuna and its effect on Delhi's drinking water supply, I was a little hesitant. I cannot claim any expertise in this field. But since pollution control and preservation of the environment is central to our lives, I would be failing in my duties by ignoring this real threat faced by us.

Air pollution is now acknowledged by all as a major problem in Delhi. In fact, some people almost seem proud of the fact that Delhi is amongst the most polluted cities in the world. As if it is a certificate that the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank has given to us for achieving our development goals!

To tell the truth, I was not really aware that the problem of water pollution has also assumed alarming proportions. That the Yamuna has ceased to be anything like a river is obvious to anyone who crosses it. Except during the rains, one hardly sees any movement of the waters. It is obviously very unhealthy