EnviStats India 2023: Vol. I – environment statistics

Environment statistics cover a wide range of topics, including air and water quality, waste generation and disposal, biodiversity and land use, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption. These data are collected by various organizations, including government agencies, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, utilizing various methodologies. To ensure proper development, coordination, and organization of environment statistics, a suitable framework is necessary. This publication has been divided into six sections following the six components of FDES (Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics) and efforts have been made to cover as many aspects of environment prescribed in FDES as possible. For the first time in the series of the publication, an attempt has been made to give “HIGHLIGHTS” on the basis of analysis of the available data. Component-wise details and highlights of some aspects covered under each component are given in the succeeding sections. Data are separately annexed as Statements.