A Just Jobs Index for India: How do Indian States Fare in the Creation of Good Jobs?

Indians have expressed optimism that the nation will deliver better livelihoods for more people, an economy of productive jobs with commensurate wages, economic mobility, and the opportunity to realize their aspirations. This dream requires a strong labor market to become a reality. Yet, despite economic growth, the pace of job creation has been slow. India faces rising unemployment, especially for youth; low labor force participation made worse by steadily declining female participation; and most workers continue to be employed in the informal sector. The need for urgent action in creating a more job-rich Indian economy that harnesses the productive potential of its population and raises living standards for more of its people could not be clearer. These pressing goals require data that accurately reflects the state of the labour market and help the public and policymakers regularly gauge whether progress is being made. To further this critical policy imperative, the JustJobs Network has developed a State-Just Jobs Index – a comprehensive, data-driven tool to measure the quantity and quality of jobs – at the State level in India. This Index, the first of its kind, broadens the discourse on employment beyond incomplete metrics of unemployment to delve into the factors driving the rankings.