Potential of geospatial technologies for the water sector in India

Director General, National Mission for Clean Ganga, released a detailed report on the opportunities in the Water sector that can benefit from the use of Geospatial technologies through an online event. Outlining key water sector programmes and projects in the country, the report provides an overview of how each of these programmes is currently using geospatial technologies, and how to improve technology adoption in the future. Over 60 water and geospatial technology experts from across the country provided inputs for this report. Given the population density and requirement of water for agriculture, India is heavily dependent on groundwater and is one of the worst hit countries as far as the water crisis is concerned. Government is making a lot of efforts to tackle this situation. To support the Government, combat this pervasive challenge and to ensure better water management in the country, the Association of Geospatial Industries – a geospatial technology industry body, has prepared this report titled, “Potential of Geospatial Technologies for the Water Sector in India”.