Question raised in Lok Sabha on rejuvenation of Tamirabarani river, 12/03/2020

It is the responsibility of the State Governments/ concerned local bodies to set-up proper facilities for collection, transportation and treatment of sewage, for abatement of pollution of rivers and other water bodies. The Ministry has been supplementing the efforts of the State Governments in abatement of pollution in identified polluted stretches of rivers under the NRCP, on cost sharing basis between the Central and State Governments. River Tamirabarani in Tamil Nadu has been included under the National River Conservation Plan (NRCP). This river gets contaminated due to discharge of untreated sewage. For this, Pollution abatement works at Tirunelveli town in Tamil Nadu was sanctioned at a cost of Rs.5492.90 lakhs including a sewage treatment plant (STP) of24.20 mld capacity