Rajasthan Green Hydrogen Policy, 2023

The Rajasthan government has approved the draft of Rajasthan Green Hydrogen Policy-2023, emphasising clean energy production, future energy demands, and climate change. The following incentives have been listed in the policy for the green hydrogen sector: For ten years, the 500 kilo tonnes per annum renewable energy plants that are to be installed on the state’s transmission system will receive a 50 per cent transmission and distribution fee exemption, as well as a 100 per cent exemption from the extra and cross subsidy surcharges for procuring clean energy from other sources. A 30 per cent grant of up to Rs 50 million would be provided for priority in the land allocation and creation of a research facility for the production of green hydrogen from treated or brackish water. The new regulation has also lifted the prohibition on electricity withdrawal during peak times. Under the new policy, wheeling and transmission fees for power plants will be fully reimbursed or waived. Additionally, power plant banking fees will be refunded or waived for seven to ten years.