The Online Spatial Database 2.0 for SARVA directly supports and allows users free access to and visualisation of drivers, pressures, vulnerability, exposure and risks or hazards within a particular location, covering both spatial and non-spatial data sets. The facility is open, data is with few exceptions available under Creative Commons licenses, and contributions form grant-funded researchers and government departments in South Africa are welcomed. SAEON has a support team in place to assist you with data deposit and publication, and with access to data sets and decision support tools. The portal offers comprehensive resources which include live web mapping, static maps, reports, case studies and integrated analysis which assist in an increased understanding of global change impacts, by building the evidence base for decision makers and the other stakeholders as well as the use and interpretation of scientific data for local level planning. The portal allows easy access through advanced search functionalities to data on other platforms from different research institutes, such as SASDI, the Bioenergy Atlas, SAEON, and SAEOSS. While the portal is open to all stakeholders, it aims to equip decision-makers at national, provincial and local government as well as the NGOs and the private sector with information on impact and risk associated with global change. The data is essential in planning for current and projected global and climate change impacts and assists decision makers in implementing adaption strategies. The data adheres to internationally recognised data quality and cataloguing standards.