Vehicle scrappage policy, Haryana

The Transport department, Government of Haryana on December 07, 2022, published the Vehicle Scrappage Policy. It shall come into force on December 07, 2022. It states the following namely: It lays down the Objectives and Purpose of the policy namely: (i) Phasing out old aged and unfit vehicles as early as possible in the interest of road safety and the environment. (ii) Creating disincentives in the form of higher fees for the renewal of registration after a particular age, for renewal of the pollution certificate, and for fitness testing. (iii) Creating incentives in the form of rebates for the motor vehicle tax and registration fees. (iv) Establishing scrapping facilities. (v) Ensuring transparency and efficiency in the process of scrapping and incentives. Various terms have been defined. It applies to the following namely: (i) To all end-of-life vehicles, (ii) To all Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities (RVSFs), (iii) To all automated testing, (iv) To all registering authorities, (v) To all departments who are supposed to issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the registration of RVSFs. It specifies the Institutional Framework of the policy. This policy would be effective for five years from December 07, 2022.