In the five years since the publication of the first Citizen’s Report on the State of Renewable Energy, the renewable energy sector has made tremendous strides in the country. Riding on a favourable policy environment and dipping prices, capacity and generation have grown. But this success has thrown newer challenges. The second Citizen’s Report on the State of Renewable Energy takes a close look at where we stand now, what are the strengths and challenges facing the sector, and whether the sector can overcome these obstacles and emerge as a viable alternative to conventional energy sources. It offers an analysis which covers the key sub-sectors and the associated infrastructure — solar (large-scale, rooftop and manufacturing), wind, waste to energy, integration and transmission, energy access and distribution companies. And it offers a blueprint which could help the sector reach its 175-gigawatt goal seamlessly. The world stands at the cusp of a momentous shift in the energy sector. For the first time, decarbonised electricity appears feasible in the foreseeable future; it is not an abstract vision. The question that the second Citizen’s Report asks is: Can India grab this opportunity and chart a brave new world of 100 per cent renewable quickly and efficiently?