The high pollution level in Delhi is one of the reasons why Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was forced to go for a detoxification programme at the Jindal Institute of Naturecure in Bangalore last mo

Cough up more tax for registering second vehicle
Going for a second car? Think again. For, once the “congestion tax” comes into play, not only will one be required to cough up double tax during the registration of the second vehicle, but also show additional parking space to obtain vehicle permit.

Further, one will be have to pay additional entry fee to enter certain pockets of the City during peak hours.
Among moves to reduce traffic congestion across various metros in the country, Union Ministry for Urban Development has suggested imposition of congestion tax the in central business district areas in all major cities.

The once-pristine 57-acre Kacharakanahalli lake has been turned into a virtual landfill with the Bangalore Development Authority dumping mud and debris into it, gobbling up almost one third of the water body. Another part of the lake has a temple, a dhobi ghat, a slum and small patch of greenery.

The Supreme Court, in its landmark judgement in the case of Animal and Environment Legal Defence Fund vs Union of India,1997, and Susetha vs the State of Tamil Nadu, 2006, had pointed out that conservation of a lake was an equal responsibility of both the State and the citizens. But in 2011, the BDA in blatant violation of the top court’s verdict, went ahead and implemented its 1984-85 plan of converting the lake into a civic amenities site instead of reviving it.