A detailed analytical study of major cations (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+) and anions (SO2− 4 , HCO−3 , Cl−, NO−3 ) of meltwater draining from Gangotri Glacier was carried out to understand major ion chemistry and to get an insight into geochemical weathering processes controlling hydrochemistry of the glacier. In the meltwater, the abundance order of cations and anions varied as follows: Ca2+ > Mg2+ > K+ >Na+ and SO2− 4 > HCO−3 > Cl− > NO−3 , respectively. Calcium and magnesium are dominant cations while sulphate and bicarbonate are dominant anions.

At present in India more than thirty mines are in operation. It produces 2800 tones of asbestos per month (mainly chrysotile and tremolite) and in recent years substantial quantity (-70%) is imported from Canada. The quality of asbestos produced in India is very poor. The mining and milling and other related processes expose the people to cancer and related diseases. Women are more affected by their exposure in processing unit compared to male who are generally working in mines.