The Baroda District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited popularly known as Baroda Dairy will revive its Narmada Neer project which is lying on deathbed since a year.

The district co-operative dairy union will bring Narmada Neer bottles and pouches back on the shelf before first week of October. The dairy union has already conducted production trials for the relaunch of the project.

Vadodara/Anand: It’s like a sunflower that follows the sun as it moves around the sky each day. Researchers at Sardar Patel University (SPU) have designed, developed and implemented an automated dual axis solar tracker system, which works on sunflower motion for a solar power plant.

And the country’s first indigenously designed solar tracker system also increases solar energy harnessing power of a solar power plant by 45 per cent.
Interestingly, this indigenously developed solar power plant with the dual axial auto tracking system has been installed at the terrace of SPU’s Department of Physics where it generates up to 1.5 kilowatt per hour (KWh) of electrical power through 20 multi-crystalline solar panels of 75 watt generation capacity each.