Landslides due to heavy rains in different parts of Nainital have put lives of many at risk.

In order to establish the gene bank of the highly threatened and rare varieties of medicinal, wild food and other species and to develop their nursery for re-plantation of the seedlings of these r

Peeved over receiving flak for its perceived failure to check increasing volume of illegal mining activities, the State Government might decide to hand over the mining sector to the private sector,

The loss of more than Rs1 crore per day due to ‘illegal’ collection of the riverbed materials from the Gola river in Haldwani comes as a serious cause of concern for the State Government.

Lantana, a kind of poisonous weed, keeps increasingly eating into the fodder banks in the Terai pocket and other zones of Uttarakhand forests, resulting in growing number of man-animal conflicts an