AHMEDABAD: Rajendra Singh, a water conservationist from Rajasthan and recipient of Stockholm Water Prize and Ramon Magsaysay Award, has warned that Gujarat may soon find itself in a water crisis if

In India, small water reservoirs in the desert area are a part of a complex inter-linking natural resource management system. Traditional methods of water harvesting were employed by the local communities led by TBS to rejuvenate a local river, recharge the ground water and re-green a village. In Alwar district, 8600 small water harvesting talabs in 1086 villages have been built since 1985.

Our journey of rural uplift started on October 2, 1985, when along with three others, I went to live in a village in Alwar, Rajasthan. I had quit my job as a national service volunteer at Jaipur. It was then that we realised that the real need of people was water. The people in this region had a symbiotic relationship with their natural resources and a rich tradition of rainwater harvesting.