Has our insatiable hunger for development and unquenchable thirst for water put us at the risk of running out of this resource. The answer is obvious if recent expert surveys that point to fast depleting ground water levels are to be believed.

As an award-winning architect and globally renowned crusader for green architecture, Karan Grover is a man  who needs no introduction. Rajesh Kulkarni caught up with him at a suburban Mumbai five star hotel for his unique take on the country's ongoing 'green revolution'.

Replicating Manhattan with all its imposing skyscrapers in Mumbai does sound like a dream come true. But do highrises offer a sustainable solution for our land starved metros that are rapidly suffocating under the weight of an ever increasing populace and a crumbling infrastructure?

An interview with Rajesh Kulkarni an award winning architect and globally renowned crusader for green architecture.