Children pay for illegal mining operations in West Bengal THERE are about 20 mines, mostly illegal, in Salanpur village in Burdwan district. The district has rich deposits of coal, fire clay and iron ore. One among the 20, a fire clay mine, claimed two young lives on February 8 in the West Bengal village. Four and five year old Suman Karmakar and Prasinjit Dutt fell into a mine close to

several houses collapsed and many others developed cracks after over a hectare land subsided at an underground mine of Sangramgarh Coaleries of Eastern Coalfields at Samadi village in Burdwan district of West Bengal on June 18. About 500 villagers have been shifted to a different place. An 11-year-old boy was buried under rubble and could be rescued with great effort. People accused

People in Rajasthan's Churu district have to make do with an annual rainfall of 350 mm. The area's high evaporation rate

it might just be easier to predict earthquakes now. uk-based Leicester University researchers have successfully used a technology to detect fault lines, the causal location of earthquakes. The

people from Uttaranchal's Rudraprayag district have revived 16 drying springs in their valleys with innovative research. Using the isoptope technique (see box