In India, there are about 30000 dams with large 4050 large dams as per National Register of Large Dams - 2002. Emergency Action Plans (EAPs)/Disaster Management) Plan (DMPs) are, however, not available for most of the completed large dams. The National Water Policy, 2002, recognizing this deficiency, has stressed for preparation of EAP/DMP for all large dams.

This paper presents a new approach for transmission line protection using a time-frequency transform technique. The transform known as S-Transform (ST) is used for fault detection from the current and voltage signal at the relaying point.

Wave power generation cum shore protection project envisages tapping the energy of ocean waves and wind for the generation of electricity and integrating it with the national power grid. A number of impellors are arranged parallel to the shore for a span of 500 m at a distance of about 100 m from the seashore. Impellers are designed to tap the trienergies of ocean waves.

This paper describes a practical study for obtaining UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to the limited load centers of western Orissa.