This paper discusses the evolution of non-wood pulping technology and key challenges for future growth. Emission of dissolved organic material including chlorinated organic compounds is the main concern. Recovery of black liquor from cooking and reduced bleach plant emissions is the way to go. Abhishek Industries Ltd. and Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd.

With the steady development of technology processing secondary fibres during the last decades, the range of application for waste paper has widened considerably. Starting with partial replacement of mechanical pulp for newsprint, followed by total substitution, also high grade writing & printing as well as copy papers are considered to be made at least partially of recycled fibres.

For sustainability and growth of Indian paper industry, the technology has to be upgraded to adapt to Indian conditions in view of scale of paper production, raw material scenario and environmental concerns. Paper industry is looking at innovative ways and means to reduce the production cost, improve quality of the product, and improve ease of maintenance.