People and planet are the two additional Ps that keep CFOs busy, along with the third P of profit, and Gopal Mahadevan, CFO, Thermax India, would ideally like to be applauded for his efforts on the financial front.

It's not often that a minister in India willingly gives up some of his powers. Minister for Environment and Forests

Ministry of Environment & Forests
Core Functions
S Legislation & Policy
? Parliamentary Matters ll Implementation of Central Schemes
? Centre-State Issues International Cooperation and Negotiations m Education
31 Centres of Excellence


AS ECONOMIC GROWTH SAGS TO LEV-els unprecedented in recent years across the world, India has had some cause for joy from the southward-bound global crude oil prices. From a high of $147 a barrel as late as July 2008, oil prices shaved-off more than 70 per cent to skirt around $40 in December.

With the government set to end GAIL's monopoly over gas pipelines, new players are finalising their own plans. In the bargain, gas as a fuel may become competitive.

Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) in Mysore is filing for patents in India and abroad. The provocation, of course, was the famous row over Basmati rice. Finally it wakes up to the

Fuel from sugarcane leaves? That isn't as bizarre as it sounds. Instead, the concept has won a Pune scientist Anand Karve one of the world's most renowned awards in the fields of renewable energy,