Low price, high value
CFLs use only 20 per cent of the energy an incandescent bulb uses, to generate the same amount of illumination. They also last much longer. But they cost up to 10 times more. If made available at Rs 10-15, they will be great value for money.

The plan

With demand for the antidote to H1N1 infection peaking across the world, the select Indian pharmaceutical companies are ramping up production of Tamiflu or its generic version.

A motley crowd of around 100 people

Rain gods have always influenced the destiny of the Indian economy


On April 1, big announcements tend to be taken with a smidgen of salt. This, however, was no prank. On the east coast, in a small village called Gadimoga in Andhra Pradesh, an event that seems set to propel India into the big league in terms of energy security was beginning to play out. Mukesh Ambani

When West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation commissions its 2 MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant at Jamuria near Asansol in April-May, it will leave an indelible mark on India

China and India are almost equals in coal reserves, but China digs out five times more coal for power than India, and so in 2007 it could add 100,000 MW of capacity

Ragpicking, one would assume, is the last area a corporate would want to foray into. But for ITC, which had in the past entered unorganised businesses such as manufacturing match sticks and incense sticks, it is a potential gold mine. Consider this: for 80 per cent of the 630 paper mills in India, waste paper is a key raw material.

At a meeting of SKS microfinance, one of the fastest-growing microfinance organisations in the world, in rural Hyderabad in February 2009, Mallamma, 42, is busy seeking a loan of Rs 50,000 for her fish business. This would be her second loan after she took a loan of Rs 10,000 last year. She is in an expansion mode and is planning to employ more persons in her fish business.